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    Hello & Welcome!

    I'm 5 feet 7 inches tall, Bra 34F, and my hips are 44 inches. I have wonderful brilliant sun kissed earthy coloured skin, and have a shapely hour glass figure, matched with delightful delicate voluptuous curves. I'm well-known for being bubbly, confident, and impulsive energy. I am extremely hygienic and always look my best and take pride in my appearance. I live a healthy and active life to keep my beautiful personality. I can go anywhere because I have a passport!

    I indulge in debauchery as i deeply believe that life is worth living and i do not believe we should subject ourselves to limitations in fear that our social stigmas should guide our true selves. I am a natural born siren and i am daring and tantalsing being, i thrive by eliciting true confidence and have always been considered by my peers as an attractive glowing woman who always has a positive outlook.

    I enjoy wearing clothes that flatter my figure and a sweet subtle scent. We can be sure that everyone will be watching us when we enter the room together.

    I enjoy exploring new places, enjoying the great outdoors, trying new foods, and meeting and forming relationships with new people.

    Among my favourite things to do outside are: Fitness, adrenaline triggering excursions, and art exhibitions. I likewise love relaxing on a yacht with quiet waters perusing a pleasant book under the sun. I have voyaged all around the Europe, despite the fact that my number one escapes are global.

    These are my favorite sporting events: Golf, Cricket, Race courses and Football. Because I used to work as a hostess for a football team, I enjoy these events, which I go to for fun and leisure.

    I have many talents and can adjust to any environment.
    You will have the impression that we have already met before when you finally meet me!


    ...A real sigh of relief.


    I look forward to hearing from you and having an unforgettable experience.

    Love always,